Preparatory Actions (A)

  • A1 Communication, Dissemination and Stakeholder engagement plan (CDSp)
  • A2 Review and assessment of the national and European policy framework on pastures and evaluation of the available adaptation options

Purchase of land (B)

  • B1 Purchasing of lands (PNGP)

Implementation Actions (C)

  • C1 Data collection and harmonization, and downscaling of climate scenarios
  • C2 Pastures typologies survey and mapping
  • C3 Environmental and socio-economic indicators
  • C4 Modelling framework
  • C5 Vulnerability analysis
  • C6 Feasible adaptation strategies: identification and test on pilot areas
  • C7 Platform tools for adaptation improvement strategies: implementation, optimization and demonstration
  • C8 Development of an adaptation strategy plan and policy recommendations of alpine pastures to climate change impacts

Monitoring of the impact of the project actions (D)

  • D1 Monitoring and evaluation of the project impact on the climate change problem targeted
  • D2 Monitoring and evaluation of the project socio-economic impact on the local economy and population

Communication and dissemination of results (E)

  • E1 Information and awareness to general public and stakeholders
  • E2 Participatory and demonstration events
  • E3 Training seminars and conferences
  • E4 Technical publications, participation in conferences and media work
  • E5 Networking with other LIFE and/or non-LIFE projects

Project Management Actions (F)

  • F1 Project management, monitoring and evaluation
  • F2 After-LIFE Plan