Main Objectives

  • Scientific-based and cross-disciplinary analysis on pasturelands
  • Adaptation measures for pasturelands
  • Capacity building of pastoral communities
  • Integrated adaptation strategy plan
  • Decisions supporting tools


The effectiveness of proposed adaptation measures will be tested and demonstrate on two permanent pilot areas located inside the two National Parks of the Western Alps.


Implementation Sites

These pilot areas will serve as real-life demonstration examples to be shared and adopted by other Alpine communities or European mountainous context, ensuring replicability and transferability of the proposed methodology.

  • Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy
  • Des Ecrins National Park, France

Expected Results

Everything the PASTORALP project will produce


Estimation of the Alpine pastures vulnerability in the two National Parks (Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso and Parc National Des Ecrins)


Assessment of the integrated impacts of climate and socio-economical changes on Alpine pastoral farming systems


Development of an Integrated Adaptation Strategy Plan and Replication and Transfer Plan for improved alpine pastures management


Production of guidelines and policy recommendations for an enhanced decision-making of pastures management to climate change impacts


Evaluation of the technical and socio-economic viability of proposed management plans in selected pilot areas

Demonstration Sites

Establishment of two permanent demonstration areas of proposed adaptation management options for their promotion, replicability, and transferability


Deployment of a web-based platform (PASTORALP platform tools) for supporting and promoting improved adaptation strategies adoption


Incorporation of climate change proofing policies, adaptation practices and methodologies into national parks regulations/incentives, CAP policies and Rural Development Plans

Capacity Building

Increased capacity building of pastoral communities for coping with climate change impacts and adaptation on pastures

Latest News

The After-LIFE plan of the PASTORALP project is ready

The After-LIFE Plan of the PASTORALP project sets out the way the project team intends to continue disseminating and communicating the project results after its completion as well as to encourage and ensure their wider application and official adoption. The Plan presents project’s objectives and scope and provides an assessment of the situation at the

26 July 2023

The LIFE-PASTORALP project on Pianeta PSR

An article by Borsotto, Marandola, Servadei, Trione (CREA Policies and Bioeconomy) and Benvenuti (Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security) addressed the issue of the contribution of the LIFE Program to the agro-climate-environmental challenges of the CAP. In the article, ample space was given to the analysis of the role of the EU program and

15 July 2023


a joint position paper promoted by LIFE PASTORALP project This document was produced by the representatives of 9 LIFE projects (LIFE PASTORALP, LIFE AGRICOLTURE, LIFE GRACE, LIFE IMAGINE, LIFE MIDMACC, LIFE REGENERATE, LIFE SHEPFORBIO, LIFE XEROGRAZING, LIFE CLIMAMED) and 1 “NOT-LIFE” project (SUSALPS) who were invited to join a hands-on workshop held during the final

1 July 2023


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