A.1 Communication, Dissemination and Stakeholder engagement strategy plan 

A.2 Report on the review and assessment of national and European legislation, guidelines, plans and best available techniques 

C.1 Report on future climate scenarios for the two study areas 

C.2 Pastures typologies survey and mapping

C.3 Report on list of indicators and relevant thresholds

C.4 Models calibrated and validated

C.5 Report on Vulnerability Analysis

C.6 Vulnerability and Adaptation Strategies

    Accompanying Documents

C8 Integrated Adaptation Strategy Plan and Policy Recommendations

    Accompanying Documents

D1 Deliverable

D2 Report on actions for the evaluation of socio-economic impact on the local economy

E1 Communication and dissemination of results

    Accompanying Documents

E2.1 Report on what emerged from consultation workshop

E3 conference proceedings

E4 Replication transfer plan

F1 Project Manageement Plan

F2 After-LIFE Plan