PASTORALP contributes to the definition of Italian sustainable development policies

The Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition (DG Sustainable Development) funded the project “SUSTAINadapt – Tools and approaches for declining the integration between sustainability and adaptation”, entrusting its management to the Department of Agriculture of the University of Sassari. SUSTAINadapt aims to support the Ministry and regional administrations in integrating the objectives of the National Strategy

Climate change and alpine pastures. Brief summary of the validation workshop of March 31, 2022

On March 31, 2022, the PASTORALP validation workshop took place at the Parc National Des Ecrins, case study of the project. The meeting was an opportunity for discussion with local actors (breeders, shepherds, technicians and administrators) on the theme of climate change and adaptation strategies in the Alpine pastoral context. During the meeting, the project