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Presentations used in the Aosta project seminar – December 16, 2022

Other products

Participatory Social Analysis Research and the Transformation in the Alpages of the Gran Paradiso national Park

The activity mainly concerned the management aspects of the alpages, focusing on climate change perception and its effects determined on pastures and animals, both in relation to the alpage season, grazing and haymaking activities in the valley floor. All the different problems noticed by the breeders in carrying out their activities were investigated in a more comprehensive way. Starting from each breeder’s considerations, they were asked to try to find possible solutions for the future.

The Europeanisation of scientific research and the transformation of collaborations in sustainability science. The LIFE PASTORALP case-study. Anais Degache (IRSTEA). The document summarizes a qualitative sociological study carried out between February and July 2019 so as to situare the transformations of inter-transdisciplinary collaborations in their transition towards a European framework.

Analysis of pastoral diagnostics on the Alpage de Grande cabane de Favarel (Commune de Freissinières, Parc des Écrins) (PNE)