Expected Results

Expected Results

Everything PASTORALP will produce


Estimation of the alpine pastures vulnerability in the two National Parks involved in the activities (Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso and Parc National des Ecrins)


Assessment of the integrated impacts of climate and socio-economical changes on alpine pastures farming systems


Analysis and proposal of climate change adaptation strategies for alpine pastures management (including monitoring plan) for the areas included in the Parks


Production of guidelines and recommendations for an enhanced decision-making effectiveness of pastures management at all policy levels


Evaluation and demonstration of the technical and socio-economic viability of the implementation of proposed management plans in selected demonstration pilot areas


Establishment of two permanent demonstration areas of proposed adaptation management options for their promotion, replicability, and transferability


Deployment of a web-based platform (PASTORALP platform tools) for supporting and promoting improved adaptation strategies adoption


Promotion of climate change proofing policies, practices and methodologies in the development of future Rural Development Programmes

Capacity Building

Increased capacity building to local communities/actors for coping with climate change impacts and adaptation on pastures