Pandemic Doesn’t Stop Us

The pandemic that is spreading worldwide, and so severely our countries, has affected all aspects of our individual and collective lives.

The agricultural and livestock sectors, as well as the healthcare, have never stopped. Thanks to the commitment of all employees, in fact, the supply chain has never been interrupted. This has allowed all families to be able to go shopping normally, despite the difficult times we are experiencing.

All the people involved in the LIFE PASTORALP project are still working every day, in compliance with the measures taken by the respective countries and more generally with the rules of social distancing. Some activities, involving physical coexistence, have been postponed, but the coordination and development of the project are going on thanks to the possibility to communicate online. We are working hard to ensure that activities will not be interrupted.

All members of the partnership express solidarity to all the people who are suffering from the pandemic and invite everyone to do their own part with responsibility and hope, to return as soon as possible, stronger than before, to our normal lives: LET’S GAZE OUR FUTURE!!!

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Marco Sbardella

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