When the mountain pastures come together

When the mountain pastures come together

The demonstration event of the LIFE Pastoralp project took place on 7 October at the Parc National des Ecrins.

Participants were able to discover:

  • the mountain pasture “alpage of Crouzet-Les Lauzes”;
  • the results of vegetation studies and the evolution of the vegetation according to the practices and the climate change;
  • the studies on phenology with NDVI and Time lapse;
  • the works on adaptations strategies and management plans with a climate component.

The afternoon was an opportunity to present the agriculture and the issues about “Vallée d’Aoste” and “Hautes-Alpes”, the agro-climate profile made in the Alpages sentinelles program and exchanges on these subjects.

The day after took place the Stakeholder visits:

  • “Ferme de la Reste” in Châteauroux-les-Alpes which make cow’s milk cheese;
  • “Ferme des Ecrins” in Les Vigneaux which make goat’s milk cheese.

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